Make your steps of facial beauty like a professional!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog … which is for all genres and skin colors.
I have a new book. I know … someone else with a book … but this is not just another book.
My name is Isabel Flores Watrous. I am an FS beautician licensed in the state of Florida.
Why am I writing this blog? So I can add a professional touch to those who could use it whether they go to a spa or do their own facial care at home.
Why do people need this information? It seems that people have questions and concerns about:
• What basic or routine facial treatment is and how often should I do it?
• What is a complete facial and how often should I do it?
• What are the differences between a routine and a complete (or complete) facial treatment?
• What types of facial products should I use?
• When and how should I use all of these facial products?
• Where and how can I get the facial products I really need?
• What should I do if I am completely wrong?
Two basic problems cause the most problems for people who want to do their own facials at home due to time and money problems.
Two other problems are that most people do not really know how to do their own facial treatment and do not know what products they do not have or how to use them correctly.
Another concern for people is that they do not know where to find the products they need to do their own facials at home. We intend to provide several suppliers that can supply the facial products that our readers want.
Of course, there are many more questions that people will have, and this book will answer many of them. In addition … the suppliers we work with will also have problems and answers for their own products.
I will also have provider resources on my websites for visitors to review.
I know it’s frustrating to discover that there’s something you might need … and then … you have no idea where you can find it. I hope to help solve that problem with the resources I offer on my websites.
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Come back and check with us.
Isabel Flores Watrous
Esthetician/ Skincare – Full Specialist